Janice Berger is a pioneer in Deep Emotional Processing Therapy. She is a psychotherapist, author, mentor and public speaker. She has spent over 40 years helping people work through the pain of past and present trauma and childhood abuse, neglect and deprivation.

Originally trained as a nurse at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto she obtained a Bachelor of Nursing at McGill University in Montreal. During her nursing career she worked as an Assistant Head Nurse at Vancouver General and a Head Nurse and Clinical Instructor of Nurses at Wellesley Hospital.

It was her desire to be the best parent she could be that started her personal emotional journey into herself. She is the mother of three natural children and a forth child, a daughter, adopted at the age of four. Her marriage ended amicably after thirty-one years. Her adult children are now in their mid-forties to mid-fifties and she enjoys a close relationship, although not uneventful, with them and their life partners. She also delights in her grandchildren.

In her desire to grow personally she read widely and entered therapy with a Toronto psychiatrist who was using deep emotional processing methods. Her own healing journey convinced her of the power of the emotional process she believes we all own and can learn to access. She subsequently trained with this psychiatrist to be a psychotherapist and then obtained a Master of Education degree, focussing on psychotherapy, from the Ontario Institute for Studies In Education at the University of Toronto. 

Janice has initiated, planned, organized and presented a variety of personal development programs such as symposiums, seminars, and workshops, for women, parents, couples and a variety of professionals. She has also produced and hosted three television programs – a 6-part series for Rogers Cable entitled Keys For Emotional Well Being, a 15-part series on relationships for Vision TV entitled Open Hearts and a 90-minute program for Rogers Cable 404 North – Emotional Fitness. Roger’s cable also taped and presented Janice’s women’s breakfast series entitled Women, Wisdom and Well Being. She has been a guest on radio and television programs including eight appearances on CBC Radio, and has been widely quoted in The Toronto Star and other publications such as Canadian Living Magazine and Today's Parent.

Janice has written a bi-weekly parenting column for the local newspaper and produced numerous newsletters about emotional health over the years.

Her book Emotional Fitness; Discovering Our Natural Healing Power was first published in 2000 and has been reprinted by Penguin in 2005 and 2013. Janice is very gratified that she is still receiving emails thanking her for writing Emotional Fitness.

A German Psychologist, Marcel Bamberg, through Sabine Becker brought Emotional Fitness to the attention of a German publisher. Janice is grateful to them for the publishing of Emotional Fitness in German in 2012 by Scorpio Verlag.

Janice is a mentor for psychotherapists wanting to focus more on helping their clients process their feelings. She works with two other therapists in her private practice in Newmarket, Ontario providing Deep Emotional Processing Therapy for their clients. She is delighted that her daughter, Dr. Lisa Berger, a registered psychologist, has her practice in the same building and has become her colleague.

At 81 Janice has a limited practice seeing clients two days every other week. She is working on an audio book that is an expanded version of her book, Emotional Fitness. It is an interview/conversation format about emotional well being with new research and information. 

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