Emotional Fitness
discovering our natural healing power
by Janice Berger


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1. Our Natural Emotional Healing Power Revealed
2. Access Denied
Our Power Subverted
3. The Nature of Responsibility and Blame
A Necessary Understanding
4. A Leap of Faith
Learning to Use Our Natural Emotional Healing Power
5. Turning the Key
Supportive Activities That Help Us Engage Our Natural Emotional Healing Power

6. Need
Unmet Childhood Need, Unconscious Adult Pain
7. Worthlessness
A Final Defense Against Unmanageable Pain
8. Shame
The Silent Killer of the Human Spirit
9. Guilt
The Straightjacket for Feeling
10. Anxiety, Fear and Panic
Dangerous if Denied
11. Anger
A Release and a Prison
12. Powerlessness
A Trap for Victim and Abuser
13. Hurt, Regret and Grief
A Key to Healing
14. Loneliness
A Self-fulfilling Prophecy
15. Numbness, Deadness and Flatness
Formidable Defenses

16. Life Partner Relationships
A Place to Grow
17. Parent/Child Relationships
Conscious and Responsive Parenting
18. Other Relationships
Adult Children and Older Parent,
Adult Siblings, In-laws, Friends, Peers,
Employers and Employees

Appendix A
Appendix B
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