The process

Deep Emotional Processing

Therapy should be effective and it should not be a mystery. At Janice Berger & Associates we encourage and support individuals to trust in their own natural healing ability and to learn how to process through their feelings. Clients learn a way to connect to themselves and know themselves which they will continue to use to achieve clarity throughout their lives. Deep Emotional Processing Therapy involves more than insight and understanding. Its purpose is to feel, connect and integrate life experiences whose feeling content has been split off from our awareness. In this way unfinished business is completed. This brings about an internal shift that can result in relief from intense negative feelings and destructive behaviour.

Deep Emotional Processing Therapy helps individuals deal with a variety of painful personal issues, emotional problems, physical symptoms and relationship dysfunction. Our therapeutic approach is capable of dealing with such a variety of problems since its basis is in learning to process through feelings that have not been completed instead of merely talking about problems.

Individuals can become more assertive, self-honouring and appropriately reactive as they work through their difficulties. They can develop steady self-respect as they connect with their own truth. We do not interpret our clients' experiences for them, instead we assist them to discover what their experience means to them.

We provide individual therapy and individual therapy in a group as well as relationship therapy and intensive retreats.
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