Discover Our Natural Healing Power! with Janice Berger
Emotional well-being is important for men, women, and children of all ages. Our emotional health affects our ability to function - in our families, in our relationships, in our jobs. Our society has encouraged us to ignore our emotions, talk ourselves out of them, or take drugs so that we don't have to feel them. Janice Berger's alternative yet common-sense message, outlined in her book Emotional Fitness: Discovering Our Natural Healing Power, is that emotions themselves are the key to wellness. Her practical approach can benefit everyone, including couples, families, parents, students, educators, mental health professionals, child-care workers, birth workers, health-care workers, and human resource managers.

Janice offers workshops (half-day or full-day) that help participants understand their natural emotional healing power and begin to identify how to proceed to access it. Presentations can be tailored to groups of all kinds, depending on your needs and interest.

The half-day workshop will provide a more hands-on, more experiential introduction to the major keys for emotional well being. There will be time for discussion and questions, and a package of handouts will be provided to each attendee.

Janice will work with the participants to help them gain an understanding of what it is they may need to do to begin accessing and facilitating their natural emotional healing power.

Participants will have a greater understanding of their own personal needs at the end of this workshop.

A one-day workshop gives participants a comprehensive introduction to Emotional Fitness. The full day affords the opportunity to use many more examples and allows more time for discussion and experiential exercises. A package of handouts will be provided to each attendee.

Participants will have a greater understanding of their own personal needs at the end of the day, and they will leave with an individual blueprint for their own personal growth.

The full-day workshop includes:

What does emotional fitness look like?
Participant discussion in small groups and report one aspect each to large group.

How does our natural emotional healing power work to keep us emotionally fit?
Presentation engaging participants at various times.

How can we access and facilitate our natural emotional healing power?
Presentation followed by small group discussion and feedback.

Doors to go through; need, worthlessness, shame, guilt, anxiety and fear, anger,
powerlessness, hurt, regret and grief, loneliness and numbness.
Brief presentation of each feeling state with opportunity for discussion. Time for participants to write some personal notes about things that are significant for them.

Choice of two feeling states for further development.
Anger and guilt are two popular choices. Alternately, small groups form around whatever feeling state they would like to deal with and report back to large group.

How our natural emotional healing power helps us to bring to consciousness the forces that are interfering in our present relationships.
This segment deals with relationships in general and is also designed for specific audiences and the specific relationships that may be important to them.

Our most important interpersonal skill: Active Listening.
How this useful skill demonstrates understanding and caring so that others feel accepted and OK whatever their feelings may be. Presentation and experiential exercise.

Wrap up.
Design personal blueprint for proceeding along the continuum towards emotional fitness.
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