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Selected Past Presentation topics with descriptions

Balancing Your Life While Growing Your Business or Balancing Your Life While Enhancing Your Career
Well being and balance in your life is crucial to your success and growth. This presentation includes an account of what it takes to be a well being emotionally and what risks we must take in order to honour ourselves. Women have a right to satisfying relationships as well as a rewarding career. This presentation describes what the essence of balance in your life actually means.

Cinderella or Superwoman: Is There Any Other Choice?
This presentation examines attitudes and beliefs that stand in the way of achieving a balance between our need for competency and our need for support. It looks at the barriers that make choices difficult and confusing. It also provides guidelines for assessing your unique situation and arriving at personal insights and direction.

Finding Freedom Within: Stress and The Human Spirit
Our spirits are stressed as we frantically try to find the "right" answers. What we need is the inner freedom to make our own choices based on what is "right" for us. New possibilities for creating balance and emotional wellness are presented with an opportunity for discussion.

Helping Versus Rescuing
This presentation pinpoints a common human difficulty; not knowing the difference between what is a truly helpful way to be with someone in need and what is detrimental. When an individual understands how they can help another human being without needing to 'fix' them or rescue them they experience relief. Their knowledge about what is truly helpful allows them to relax about the extent of their responsibility in many of their relationships.

Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth: Stereotyping Undone!
The belief that men and women are, and forever will be, polar opposites is destructive and limiting to both sexes. It is time for us to face the reality that we are all human and that our relationships will improve when we learn to help each other towards authenticity. A 'them against us' approach helps to preserve gender stereotypes that are inaccurate generalizations. This presentation explores how we can undo stereotyping and deepen relationships through responsibility and appreciation instead of blame.

Redefining Ways of Caring
Most people believe that caring for others means sacrificing themselves. This presentation involves understanding that caring for others' in the most helpful way for them, is, indeed, not sacrificing yourself. How to put yourself in your own equation is the essence of this presentation.

Responsible Anger: Expressing Not Repressing
Dealing with one's anger is absolutely crucial to emotional well being. Women have been denied their anger. The repercussions of this are enormous. This presentation explores both the denial and the repercussions. It also helps participants to recognize suppressed and repressed anger and understand an effective process for dealing with it.

Selfish, Guilty and Stretched to the Limit
Overcoming the wicked conditioning that has left us feeling selfish, guilty and stretched to the limit is the core concept of this presentation. It includes a lively and amusing look at the experience of women. This presentation describes how to deal with these feelings so that they do not drive us to make decisions that are not right for us.

The Impostor Syndrome
This presentation is for individuals who carry with them the uncomfortable feeling that they may be found out to be something other than what they really are. They often feel guilty and have the sense that they are carrying out professional functions that they are not qualified for. They walk around feeling that they are going to 'blow it'. This presentations helps women confront the fears that cause the impostor syndrome.

The Mother/Daughter Relationship: Empowering Ourselves and Our Young Women
Our relationship with our mother influences all of our relationships. Research indicates that young women lose themselves when they come up against patriarchy during adolescence. This is a lively presentation exploring the influences of mothers in perpetuating the patriarchal model. It also includes a presentation and discussion of different ways to support women of all ages toward autonomy and equality.

The Nature of Blame and Responsibility
If an individual does not understand what it means to take responsibility then that individual will remain stuck in their emotional development. This presentation explores the root of responsibility. It also describes the difference between being responsible to someone but not being responsible for their reactions or feelings. Blame is the opposite to responsibility and this includes self blame. How to recognize when we are being blamed and how to get out of the trap of self blame will be thoroughly explored.
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