The process

Entering Therapy
We recommend that you read Emotional Fitness before entering therapy with us.

Prior to entering therapy it is helpful to write a timeline noting significant events each year from your birth to the present. In the early years these will be things you have been told as opposed to having your own cognitive memories. Please note what you were feeling at the time of the incidents that you do remember.

It is also helpful to write an autobiography. This could be your entire story or it could be about certain periods in your life that you feel were difficult for you. 

Both a time-line and an autobiography are an excellent exercise for you and are useful to us.
Points for Consideration when Entering Therapy

For many people, the therapy process reveals a completely new way of viewing our lives. In learning and experiencing this process individuals find a new way of understanding themselves and relating to others. In fact, they discover their own natural emotional healing power.

Many clients feel relief quickly as they experience and discharge feelings they have been holding for a long time. However, sometimes, there is an increase in symptoms or emotional discomfort prior to any improvement and in the process of examining one area of concern other issues may be identified. It is also possible that interpersonal relationships may become more difficult as a client begins to understand a situation from a new perspective and reclaim more of his or her self. The therapist helps work these issues through.

Each individual determines how long he or she wants to work with a therapist. When considering discontinuing therapy it is advisable to discuss this with your therapist in order to work toward a beneficial closure.

We trust that the skills and knowledge you learn in therapy will allow you to continue with your personal growth and recovery. It is important to realize that you own the process for healing and that you can continue to use your process to remain free and clear in your life outside of therapy.
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